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On our way to the Ndutu Plains of Southern Serengeti, we came across a pack of golden jackals as they devoured a recent kill. It was clearly a sight that reinforced the survival of the fittest. One particular jackal held us captive. He was the extremely feisty and kept trying to pull the kill away from the rest of the pack. There were other scavengers like vultures and eagles trying to get a share, however, he protected it with all his might. This shot was captured when he took an aggressive stance, ready for attack, growling fiercely at the rest. The light of the setting sun glowed beautifully on his golden back and eyes. To me, this shot captures the circle of life in the wild – death, survival and might. Technical Specs: Canon EOS 5D Mark III, 200-400mm F4L lens, 1/640 sec at f5.6; ISO 500, bean bag. Post Processing: Cropping, minor levels and saturation adjustment, slight sharpening and minor vignetting.

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