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We came across a cheetah who had freshly killed a springbok in the Namutoni Plains of Etosha National Park in Namibia. The sight in itself was quite gruesome and very intense. After spending some time with the cheetah we saw a pack of black back jackals appear around the kill. What followed was a very unique interaction between the scavenging jackals and the cheetah as it tried to feed as well as protect its kill. Cheetahs, even though an extremely fast killing machine, are quite low in the food chain and are frequently attacked by other predators like, lions, leopards and hyenas. In this instance, it was an extremely persistent and intimidating pack of six jackals who surrounded and tried to scavenge the kill. The cheetah ,even though, quite focused on feeding as quickly as possible to avoid other larger apex predators, was very well aware of the annoying jackals and chased them away if they got a little too close to its prized kill. This interaction for the next two hours gave me the rare opportunity to encapsulate the raw beauty and power of nature. The whole drama ended when one of the jackals oblivious of the warning by the cheetah, started feeding off the kill. Extremely frustrated, the cheetah suddenly sprung up in midair and attacked and killed the jackal on the spot. The rest of the pack dispersed into the wild. It was a jaw dropping sight which will be stuck in my memory for years to come. Technical Specs: Canon EOS 1DX, 200-400mm F4L lens, 1/1000 sec at F9, ISO 1000, bean bag. Post Processing: Cropping, Minor Level and saturation adjustment, Minor Sharpening.

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