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In the Namiri Plains of eastern Serengeti, as we were on a look out for a family of cheetahs that we had been following for days, our guide spotted a group of vultures circling around in a distance. It was quite evident that they were circling a kill and we were hoping to have found our cheetah family. To our pleasant surprise when we reached the spot, it turned out to be an even more interesting sight. A pack of 6 hyenas had successfully killed a zebra. It was an intense sight as they fed while all the other scavengers like the vultures, marabou storks, jackals and eagles waited for their turn. After the hyenas had their fill it was an absolute chaotic frenzy as the all the vultures dug in at the same time. It was an actioned packed sequence as they fought amongst each other over every last bit of the zebra. Every once in a while a large cape vulture with its enormous wing span would descend on the carcass and own it momentarily before it would get chased away by the rest of the flock. It was a rare opportunity to capture this interaction up close and personal. Technical Specs: Canon EOS 1DX, 200-400mm F4L lens, 1/320 sec at F14, ISO 1000, bean bag. Post Processing: Cropping, Minor Level and saturation adjustment, Minor Sharpening.

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