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Watching a wildebeest crossing across the Mara river could easily be considered one of the most spiritual event in my life.It is a sight to behold as hundreds of thousands of wildebeest congregate along the bank of the mighty Mara in an attempt to cross it to reach the greener pastures full of tall green grass and rain. It surely is one of the most daring challenges that a wildebeest takes on in his life as it battles not just the ferocity of the currents of the fast flowing river but also the lurking apex predators like the nile crocodile and lions/leopards. It is quite difficult to capture all of the chaos and confusion in a single image but I have tried to bring out a small aspect of the crossing here. With dust clouds seen from miles away and the splashing of water heard from quite a distant, the entire scene is full of excitement and drama. Technical Specs: Canon EOS 1DX, 200-400mm F4L lens, 1/320 sec at F13, ISO 640, bean bag. Post Processing: Minor Level and saturation adjustment, Minor Sharpening.

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